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Good morning Year 3. I am aching a bit thanks to Joe Wicks. Hope many of you managed to join in with his PE lesson. 


Hope you are all ok. We are missing you and I know I speak for all of the Year 3 team when I say we are finding this as strange as you will be. Remember, you may be at home but we are still your teachers. Message us if you need anything or just want to say hi but remember, you must message in the morning to say hello by 10am please.


Here are today's tasks.

Hi Everyone, 


I hope you are all well. Here are the current results for the battle on Time Table Rockstars against year 4!



It looks like Year 4 are currently in the lead!  The battle ends Friday at 3:30pm so keep doing as many garages and studios as you can to win! The more of these you do the more points you earn towards the battle. You should be aiming to do 3 garages and studios a day. Remember times tables are important for all aspects of maths.  Also there will be a soundcheck set on Friday for you to complete too! 


Miss Bradburn 

English answers for Tuesday's work

Arithmetic answers from Tuesday


Planned Learning (Core + Foundation)

On Line Resources

25th March


Mark – CGP Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling – Apostrophes for singular possession p52 and p53 in green pen

Complete the I am learning activity.

Reading – CGP English Comprehension – Building Stonehenge p4 and 5

Writing  (over two days) – Watch

and use some of the documents on to recap on the features of a non-chronological report

Use the information about Stonehenge and other research to produce an information sheet about Stonehenge. Try to set it out in the form of a non-chronological text. (DO ON PAPER, NOT IN BOOK)



Mark Arithmetic paper from yesterday- answers will be uploaded.

Green and Yellow mathematicians

Complete My Maths lesson and Activity Number bonds.

Textbook p17


Red Mathematicians

Complete My Maths lesson and activity Mental addition and subtraction

Textbook p12


Multiplication – Try to complete 3 Garages and Studios daily. You can do a Soundcheck too but this has been set to do every Friday.




I am Learning – ‘Numbers’




I Am Learning –

KS2 English – Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation Y3 – Personal Pronouns


French ‘Numbers’


My Maths – Number bonds.

Mental addition and subtraction


Votes for Schools



Reading Cloud – Continue reading your e-book













Daily Challenge 


From today we will be setting an optional daily challenge for you to complete. These can range in activities. They may be Maths challenges, Art challenges, Physical challenges and more! These can all be done at home and will keep us and our brains busy whilst having some fun!


Today's challenge! 

Toy Audit

Today’s challenge is mathematical. It’s also a chance for you to rediscover toys that you may have forgotten about and want to play with!


The idea is to count, record  and analyse the toys you have available to you in the house.


Think about the different toys you can see. You need to find out how many there are. Draw a chart on some paper like the one below 




Step 1 - Write the item. 

Step 2 - Draw a picture of the item.

Step 3 - Estimate how many you think there are.

Step 4- Count them and write down how many you actually have. 

Step 5- Work out the difference using counting on (frog method) to find the difference between your estimation and the number. 


Have fun!