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If you would like to do some writing, take a look at some of the activities below for ideas.


Fiction writing

Write your own story. To inspire your story writing, choose one of the activities below. This will give you some ideas about characters, settings and genres. Be as creative as you can!

Use story widgets 

Use the story widget to discover questions that will help you start and write a fantastic story. Be as creative as you can.


Use the circle in the document attached to help you decide which genre to focus on and which characters to include in your story.

Michael Rosen story openings

Explore the beginning of different stories with Michael Rosen.



Develop your vocabulary. Over the summer, magpie in a notebook any super words that you find when reading. Use the template below to help you develop your understanding of the words. Find the definition, the word class, synonyms and antonyms, use the word in a sentence of your own, draw a picture to help you remember the word and make modifications to the word (change the tense or add a prefix/suffix).




Poetry Detective

Find and choose two poems. Read the poems and analyse them.

  • What is the poem about?
  • What type of poem is it?
  • Is there a rhyming pattern? If so, what is it?
  • How does the poem make you feel?
  • Explain why you like the poem.
  • What is your favourite word/line/stanza? Why?
  • Has the poet used any figurative language? (Similes, metaphors, personification)
  • What other features has the poet used?


Poetry writing

Write your own poem. Think about what type of poem you will create (an acrostic poem, a shape poem, a narrative poem, a Haiku etc). Choose a theme for your poem. Think about the language you will use and how you will include figurative language.  Plan, write and perform your own poem.