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Upper School

Read on to see some of the most popular authors for Upper Library . We have specifically chosen authors who have lots of books in our library so that you should easily be able to find a book by them!

We will continue to update this list over the next few weeks. 


Anthony Horowitz:

The author of one of the bestselling teen spy series: ‘Alex Rider’. If you love mystery, adventure and high-tech gadgets, this series could be for you!


David Baddiel:

Baddiel’s books are described as laugh out- loud adventures. He has previously won the LOLLIES award (The Laugh Out Loud Book Awards) so if you love funny books try these.


Malorie Blackman :

Malorie Blackman has written over sixty books for children and young adults. She has won several awards and has even had some of her books turned into television dramas. If you are looking for thought-provoking, serious read, have a look at her novels.


Michael Coleman:

If you enjoy reading books about football, try searching for Michael Coleman. He is the author of ‘England’ and ‘Foul Football’. He also written non-fiction books on other sporting topics.


Eoin Colfer:

The series ‘Artemis Fowl’ was recently made into a movie but originally was a book! If you enjoy stories involving magical creatures, evil geniuses and mysteries, you will love this series of books.


Roald Dahl:

We are so lucky to have such a wide range of Roald Dahl novels. Try searching for this author and see if you can find a story you have never read before. In Upper School, we would also recommend ‘Boy, Tales of Childhood’ which is a fascinating story telling the story of Roald Dahl’s childhood- it was very unusual!  


Terry Deary:

Terry Deary is the author of the well-loved Horrible Histories series- History with the nasty bits left in!  If you love learning the gruesome facts which textbooks leave out, these are the books for you. We have books for lots of different historical periods so you may even be able to find a book which links to the topics you have loved in History lessons at school.


Jeff Kinney:

We are sure lots of you will recognise this name as this is the author of the well-loved ‘Diary of a Wimp Kid’ series. We always try to get the latest books in this series in our library so that you can enjoy them.


Caroline Lawrence:

If you love historical fiction, try searching for this author. She writes mystery and adventure stories set in different historical time periods, such as the Ancient Greeks and Romans, to help you imagine life in the past.


Andrew Matthews:

Especially for Year 6 children, if you are interested in starting to read Shakespeare, this is a great starting point. You will find rewrites and illustrated versions of Shakespeare plays to help you start to explore these classic plays.


Michael Morpurgo:

You will have all read ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’ in Year 4 however Morpurgo has written so many more stories! These range from historical fiction to adventure stories but always involve children as the main characters. If you aren’t sure where to start, let our librarians choose for you and request ‘any book by Michael Morpurgo!’.