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Year 4 to Year 5 Homework

Year 4 to Year 5 Summer Homework


Welcome to Year 5!


All of the Year 5 team are looking forward to meeting you in September. Over the holiday, we would like you to do a few tasks to prepare for Year 5. You will find these tasks below.



Remember to read every day for at least ten minutes. Try to read a variety of books (fiction and non-fiction) and a range of genres. It is a good idea to magpie any new words that you read to develop your vocabulary. Discussing what you have read with someone at home can also help improve your understanding.

In English, our first novel is ‘Treason’. If you have not watched it already, find the video on the Year 4 Distance Learning page where we shared an extract of the book with you. It is a fantastic story about a boy who becomes a page to the son of King Henry VIII.



By the end of Year 6, you are expected to be able to spell the words on the list in the document below. Please familiarise yourself with the words. We will start looking at these in September.


Make sure that you practise your times tables. It is important that you know them really well and can recall them quickly.



In Science, we will begin by looking at Electricity. Find out what Electricity is. What do the words conductor and insulator mean? Find some examples of each. Follow the links to discover more.


There are also lots of resources and optional tasks on the Year 4 Distance Learning page under the section ‘Summer Home Learning’ to review the topics you have covered this year.


If you have any questions about Year 5, make a note of them so that you remember them in September when you meet your teacher. Check the website again next week because we will add a video to introduce ourselves.


Well done for all of your hard work. Have a wonderful summer and we look forward to getting to know you in September.


From the Year 5 team smiley