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Yellow House

Hi everyone, I was elected to be the house captain for yellow house.  I would like to tell you more about myself.  My hobbies include skipping, drawing, colouring, singing, swimming, and creating stories.  I mostly enjoy colouring because it is therapeutic.  I enjoy swimming as it is a life skill whilst keeping me fit.  My favourite colour is purple and pasta is my favourite food.  My birthday is in November.  I have a brother and a sister who are twins and also come to Park Hall Juniors.  In the future, I would like to be an optometrist and own my own business. I am keen to become an optometrist because the eyes fascinate me and I would like to take this investigation further.  My favourite time at school is Golden Time because it is fun colouring and watching movies.  I also enjoy break time and lunch times.  I enjoy being a house captain because you get to take the tokens down to the hall and at the end of term count them.  Being house captain is a massive responsibility and a big opportunity.  When your house colour wins ,you get to carry the trophy and tie a ribbon around it.  As I am in Year 6, I am looking forward to going on venture week as I have heard there are many exciting activities there.  My advice for those that wish to be house captain is to:

  1. Always be honest to those around you
  2. Follow the school expectations – set a good example
  3. Be generous and polite to everyone you meet
  4. Be supportive of other pupils
  5. Try your hardest - earn house points for your house colour

I hope these 5 top tips are helpful for you.  I am always here if you ever need me and don’t forget to be you.  Thank you so much for reading my biography.


Hello, I am a Yellow House Captain.  I have many hobbies which are: riding a bike, flying a kite, drawing, reading, skipping, cricket, baking and basketball.  I am good at Maths and Geography.  I like to learn about countries and their cultures, climates or what biomes are.  I also like art when we get to make things that we can take home and when we do paintings of things like still-life study.  The good things about being a house captain are the meetings we attend and getting to count the amount of house points collected at the end of every half-term.  It is great to tell you which house got the most gold tokens and which two houses have won the extra playtime!  If you want to be a house captain, my advice is to think of lots of ideas to put into your speech, but don’t make it too long – keep it exciting!

I am looking forward to going on venture week this year because so many people are talking about it and it sounds really exciting.  I felt so nervous when year 6 went in the hall for assembly and they were going to announce who was going to be house captain this year.