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Ambica Sadier

What is your job title?  

Technical Specialist in Electrical Distribution Systems, Electrical Engineering

working for Jaguar Land Rover

What does your job involve? What do you do on an average day?  

My job involves working out the correct and most efficient way to design and build a wiring harness for a Jaguar Land Rover car that costs the least amount of money to the company, but still delivers the features that a customer would want. 


For example - autonomous/ self driving cars may be the future! Technology is becoming more advanced within the automotive sector and there are many more features available to a customer  One of the more recent ones we have delivered is “Remote Park Assist” which allows the customer to park and summon their vehicle from their phone.  


If even one wire out of approximately 3000-4000 on a car is not correct, then parts of the car may not work. 


On an average day, I will work on my on-going projects, present my findings to my senior management and directors when required, attend meetings, respond to emails and calls. 

I may extract some reports about wiring from databases and systems that are owned by Jaguar Land Rover and use Microsoft Excel to analyse the information to make decisions about how to design the harness. 


I also write some code/ macros/ software to automate the tasks that I repeat often and also for the complicated calculations that would take me too much time to work out by hand!

What do you enjoy about your job?  

I enjoy the variety. Every day is different so I am constantly learning and I work with different people based on the projects that I am working on. 


Did you have to study any of the STEM subjects before doing your job? 

I studied Mathematics at University, my degree is in Financial Mathematics.  Although a lot of people in my department have studied Electrical engineering, it’s not a requirement for this job. 

Any of the STEM subjects show that you will be a good candidate and have the core skills required.  


Would you recommend your job to others? Why?  

I would recommend it if you like working in a fast paced environment, if you like trying to come up with solutions for difficult problems and if you like a diverse and large company.


I’m attaching some images of a wiring harness being manufactured before being fitted into the car. This is what I engineer!