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  • Park Hall Road,
  • Walsall,
  • WS5 3HF.
  • Telephone number: 01922 720761


At Park Hall Junior Academy, our curriculum will enable children to become confident writers and enthusiastic readers who can articulate their thoughts and opinions clearly.


Our curriculum will allow children to recognise the value of English skills in the wider world by giving them a variety of opportunities -

  • To read fluently, showing a good understanding of a text;
  • To read for pleasure often, widening their choice of texts as they move through the school, showing an appreciation for our literary heritage;
  • To show a strong understanding of grammar and apply this to their reading, writing and spoken language;
  • To write clearly by adapting their language and style in and for a range of contexts, purposes and audiences
  • To use their reading and writing skills across the curriculum; 
  • To use their speaking and listening skills in a variety of activities so they are able to participate in discussions and debates, articulating and justifying their opinions clearly whilst also considering the views of others.


We believe that supporting all children to experience success in English will help them develop the tools needed to support them throughout their future education and career paths.