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Extra-Curricular Celebrations

Walsall Rotary Club Writing Competition

 Congratulations to Darwin and Yuvraj who visited the Mayor's Parlour in Walsall Town Hall this week to receive their certificates from the Walsall Rotary Club. Darwin achieved third place and Yuvraj achieved second place in the Junior section competition of the Young Writers Competition- 'If I ruled the world'. A fantastic achievement- well done! 

Fantastic Footballer!

Nouha has received a medal for being a star player at her sports academy. She said, "Across matches, I have scored two hat tricks and I have been respectful to the other players."  Well done Nouha!

Super Swimmer

Simran and Veer have both received their 400m swimming certificate. Well done Veer and Simran!

Super Swimmer

Nihal says, "I got my Stage 6 Swimming badge by swimming 10 metres in clothes and by completing a number of different breathing techniques and strokes. The hardest thing was when I had to go to the bottom and push off from the bottom of the pool and come to the top of the water on my back. " Well done Nihal! 

Cricket Champion!

Rishab plays for Wednesbury Cricket Club. He said:  "I won the man of the match for getting a bowling figure of 1-7 in 12 balls and I got a score of 37 not out. I helped my team finish first in the group stage!" Well done Rishab!

Super Swimmer

Aisha has achieved her 400m swimming badge. This is what she told us: To achieve my 400m badge I had to swim twenty-eight lengths of the pool. It was extremely exhausting. I was not allowed to have a break, so I had to keep on going. Even though it felt like forever, my mom said, "I was really fast!" and I felt proud of myself. Next, I need to practise for my 600m badge, I cannot wait!


Well done Aisha. We're all super PROUD of you!

Diwali Celebrations

Sienna took part in a fantastic Diwali celebration during half-term and had the opportunity to meet the mayor of Walsall. 

Sienna- At the Walsall art gallery on Saturday the 4th of November, I attended the Diwali party to celebrate the festival of light with the community and Bollywood dreams. We created lanterns and tea light holders made from some old cd discs, gems and paint pens. I also had intricate henna patterns put on my hands and the big surprise of the event was meeting the mayor of Walsall, Chris Towe. We talked about how the lovely event was organised. The icing on the cake was the opportunity to try some Indian treats.  

CBeebies Star

Keep an eye out to see Pavleen on your TV screen in November on a show called 'If I Can Do It, You Can Too'. Well done Pavleen! We can't wait to watch you.


Pavleen - "To earn this certificate I had to go to different dance halls, sometimes teaching other children Bhangra dancing and sometimes learning new moves myself. I will be on Cbeebies in November to show what I have learned in both Bhangra and tennis."

Football Star


Ismail got a medal for being part of the winning team in a local football league. The tigers had to beat multiple other teams to get the trophy. Ismail plays as a mid-fielder or defender. He had this to say about their success, "I'm really happy and proud of my team for their achievement." Well done Ismail and the rest of the team! 

Fund Raising Superstars

Well done to Ollie and Shaylan for their brilliant fund raising efforts for Acorns at the end of last year.


Ollie - He took part in the Bubble Rush that was held in Walsall Arboretum in aid of Acorns Children’s Hospice.  It was a 5km course split into two laps of the arboretum. Ollie had to fight his way through 4 bubble stations TWICE!! Although he was very wet and bubbly at the end, he had an amazing time and got a medal too!


Shaylan - Shay took part with his family and friends. He ran around the course twice and thoroughly enjoyed going through all the different coloured bubbles!


Well done Ollie and Shaylan. We are all PROUD of you at Park Hall.