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Assessment Policy

Assessment Principles
At Park Hall Junior Academy, our principles for progress is simply to evaluate how pupils ‘know more’ and ‘remember more’. Both summative and formative assessment informs our assessment processes and outcomes and directly informs our planning and review cycle of what is subsequently taught.


All interactions between pupils and teachers provide assessment for learning opportunities.
In principle, learning starts by determining what pupils –

  • need to know – to further their knowledge and skills;
  • need to remember – to provide the building blocks for learning;
  • need to understand – to apply the knowledge and skills gained to transfer into the long-term memory;


Regular formalised testing takes place in Reading, GAPS and Maths using appropriate test materials, for example past SATs Papers and NFER Termly Tests.


Following testing, a detailed Question Level Analysis (QLA) provides important information in respect of the areas of challenge for pupils and identifies gaps in knowledge.


In addition, Subject Specific testing also takes place to determine pupils’ starting points and to determine the attainment and progress achieved, for example through quizzes, mind-maps etc.


All learning activities and means of assessment are inextricably linked to the Learning Objective (LO) to ensure that our pupils know more and remember more.


Please read our policy for subject specific information.