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Ideas for developing Reading Fluency

Reading Fluency Strategies 

Reading Fluency: The ability to read with pace, accuracy and expression 

These strategies can be used when reading aloud and can help to develop reading fluency and confidence when reading aloud. They also work fantastically with poetry so you may want to try them out with your favourite poem. 


Echo Reading : An adult reads one line/sentence of text and the child echoes back, imitating the expression the adult has used. The roles can also be reversed where the child reads and the adult echoes back. 


Choral Reading: After practising reading a short section of text, try reading in chorus together. Try to keep the same pace while following the punctuation. 

This can also work with reading along with an audiobook or poetry performance. 


Paired Reading: Children read with a partner (could be an adult or another child) taking it in turns to read a sentence of the text. 


We will continue to add new ideas here to help develop fluency.