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School Council

Hi everyone.  My hobbies are football, gaming, swimming and playing the guitar.  I have a brother, a mum and a dad.  My aspiration is to become a footballer, a youtuber or a gamer but I really want to become a kickboxing coach.  I admire my dad as he is a kind and helpful person - just like my mum.




Hello everyone at Park Hall and to anyone reading this.  I am a School Council representative in Year 5.  I have big responsibilities and I try to help improve the school so it can always be the best it can be.  I love to bake yummy desserts with my sister and friends.  When we bake, we always add a secret ingredient to make it even better.  I love to play basketball with my brother and shoot it into the hoop.  I am very good at dancing and I make up my own moves and I am self-taught.  I love to do magic tricks to entertain people.  My favourite subject is History and I am excited to learn about Ancient Egypt.  My advice to be a good councillor is not to make a promise to the class that I will do it.  I will listen to everyone's ideas in the class.  It is important to be kind and listen.



*  My hobbies are football and swimming. 

*  I support Liverpool  Football Club.

* My favourite meal is Bangers and Mash.

*  My talent is making puzzles.

*  I have an older sister.

*  My favourite movie is Zootropolis.

*  My favourite subject is Geography.



Hi!  I am a Year 6 School Councillor.  I have a brother and a sister - who is an adorable menace.  I enjoys art and crafts and occasionally I draw pictures.  I don't have a favourite subject as I love them all.  You can learn new vocabulary in English, new techniques in Maths and you always learn something new everyday in school.  In the future, I hope to be accepted into a grammar school.  If you would like to be a representative next year, bring new ideas and think about the whole class and what you think they need.



My favourite food is pasta with cheese.  My hobby is dancing and I have a little sister.  It is her birthday in the autumn term and it is my birthday in the spring term!  I love playing with my friends at school and making new friends too.  I love cooking with my mum.  I have a dog at home and he bites everything and gets into lots of mischief all of the time.  Thank you for taking the time to read this. heart



Hello - I have a few hobbies which are: playing football, swimming and reading.  My favourite subject is Maths.  My role model is Marcus Rashford because he is trying to stop racism.  Also, he thinks every child should be equal.  He also missed the penalty for England in the final which is probably what I would do.  My advice is always help your friends.  Always show that you can be trusted and always be honest.



*  My hobby is playing ball games, cycling, being 

    outdoors and using my imagination. 

*  My dream job is to be an aircrash investigator.

*  My favourite food is chicken nuggets.

*  My favourite fruit is watermelon.

*  I am in Year 4.

When I feel upset or angry about something, I find a stress ball helps me.



My hobbies are gaming, cricket and writing stories - I have two in class that you can read!  Oh and I love looking at cats.  I want to be doctor when I am older.  I am actually quite good at predicting too.  My role model is my older brother because he is well behaved.




I am a Year 6 School Councillor.   

When I am not at school I am walking my mom's friend's Staffordshire Bull Terrier and spending time with my cat, Lady, my hamster called Nugget and watching my fish.  When I am older I really want to be an exotic zookeeper vet because I absolutely adore animals.  My talents include learning and developing Turkish skills.  I can calm animals and look after them and I can also make lots of people laugh, even when I am not intending to.  My favourite subject is Biology and DT.  My role models are my parents because they are calm in the most stressful situations.  If you want to be a School Councillor, it is important you are understanding and selfless.  Never give up because you can achieve your dreams.

Hello.  From a young age, I have had a passion for football (I support Liverpool).  Some things I like to do in my spare time are: play football and play on my Playstation.  My favourite food is tandoori chicken.  My favourite subjects in school are Maths and PE.  I find Maths easy to do and I enjoy playing different sports in PE.  The two best things I have ever done are: climb Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh and donate food to a local food bank in Aldridge, Walsall - I did this as part of my role as School Council.


Hobbies and Talents

Going for walks, making jewellery, baking cakes and decorating.  When I am older, I want to be a singer.  Dove Cameron is a singer and she inspires me to be like her.  My talents include: singing, gymnastics and baking!

School Life

I am glad to be a School Councillor in Year 3 because I hope to make a difference in school - even though I think it is already perfect!


Hi - I am your school council representative in Year 3.  My hobbies are Punjab dancing and singing.  I think I am talented at both of them.  I also like football and I support Liverpool.  In my spare time, I like to play computer games, in particular Fortnite and Minecraft.







A message from Lucie, organiser for 'Help To Make Tummies Full'.


Today, Help To Make Tummies Full had the pleasure of meeting some lovely children from Park Hall Junior Academy.  They arrived with TWO MINIBUSES! full of fantastic donations including nappies, tinned food, crisps, cereal and more!  We are absolutely blown away and we are so, so grateful to each and every child and parents who have been so kind to donate food and other items.

The children arrived with a tray each FULL of food as well as numerous bags of items to help our local community.  We loved having them here and educating them on where the food is going.


We are so grateful... huge, huge thank you!

Women's Tour of Britain

On Tuesday 5th October we were invited to the Arboretum to watch and cheer the women's cycling race!  While we waited for the race to begin, we went to each stall to look at what they were showing: universities, A* Stars and local charities all shared information.  At the A* Stars tent we had a go of 'pin the pedal on the bike' and we had a turn on the BMX bikes.  We got to see all of the competitors and we even saw the Mayoress of Walsall!  There were lots of cameras filming the event.  We cheered at the start of the race as bikes, cars and motorbikes all zoomed past us.  We had an exhausting but fun day!

Written on behalf of School Council

by Kamran, Jasmine and Raeesah