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Faz Asif

What is your job title?  

IT (Information Technology) Project Manager / Consultant 


What does your job involve? What do you do on an average day?  

I work for different organisations helping them to improve or modernise their Information Technology (IT) Systems (such as apps or computer software).   Every day can be different, but I get involved in all aspects starting from understanding the problems with the current IT, helping to design a new system and training people on how to use new apps and software.


What do you enjoy about your job?  

My job involves talking to lots of different people who either use the IT systems, or are working as part of the project.  This helps me to understand different people’s perspectives.  I enjoy making a positive difference to people's lives and improving IT systems can help people to do their jobs more easily and make work more enjoyable!


Did you have to study any of the STEM subjects before doing your job? 

People who work in IT come from all different types of backgrounds, many will have studied IT before starting their career, but that's not essential.  I personally really enjoyed subjects such as Maths, Science and IT, and the analytic skills gained from these subjects can all be helpful for working in IT.


Would you recommend your job to others? Why?  

I find working in IT is exciting with lots of variety. There are many different jobs you can do within IT and you can choose to specialise in an area such as developing software or do broader roles such as managing a project.


What encouraged you to go into this career?  

From a young age, I have always been interested in technology and how things work.  Nowadays, IT is everywhere. If you take a look around your classroom and school, how many things involve technology or computers?  I wanted to be part of this exciting field, so I joined a large IT company after graduating from University.