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At Park Hall Junior Academy, we aim to bring History to life, as pupils become inquisitive Historians who can ask and answer questions about past lives and societies.


Pupils will develop the skills to make links and connections and understand how past events connect to the lives they lead today. We give pupils a strong understanding of historical time, which will aid their general understanding of History, constituting the first pillar for further development in their lives.


Pupils will gain knowledge of the changes of time within Britain and the wider world. They will be able to summarise key events in Britain’s illustrious history as well as note key historical figures using historical terms.


Pupils’ historical vocabulary will reflect their growing understanding of Britain’s diverse society and rich heritage. Their historical knowledge will build upon their knowledge of their own character and identity by using a range of primary and secondary sources in order to critically review debate and interpret a range of differing opinions and views. Local historical links to the community will be explored with vigour as children discover the legacy of their local surroundings.


By the end of their time at Park Hall Junior Academy, all pupils, with their individual talents and abilities, will have developed a genuine love of History will be able to successfully retell the stories of our past with a coherent understanding of time and with an enthusiasm that illustrates the fulfilment of their full potential.