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Name: Aisha

My favourite Science activity this year: learning about how the skeleton and muscles work together inside the body to help us move. Muscles work in pairs to move a bone. One muscle contracts (gets shorter) and pulls on the bone. At the same time the other muscle relaxes (gets longer) allowing the bone to move.

Why where you chosen to be ‘Super Scientist’?: Mr Westaway says, “A fantastic research homework about rock types. This meant Aisha was able to talk about sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks in our science lesson.”

What I enjoy about Science: I really enjoy learning about the world and how things work. I like biology to understand living things and what they need to survive. I also love physics to understand the world we live in. I really like doing experiments. It is very exciting to predict what will happen.

I would love to learn more about this in Science in the future: I would love to learn about reflection. I am curious to understand how light and sound travel around us so we can see and hear things. It is very interesting to understand how we can see our reflection in a mirror and how we can hear sounds that echo.

Fascinating fact: I have learnt a rhyme to remember the order of the planets which is:

My – Mercury – closest planet to the sun.

Very – Venus – hottest planet.

Easy – Earth – only planet with humans.

Method – Mars – known as the red planet.

Just – Jupiter – it is the biggest planet.

Speeds – Saturn – has a ring made of ice and rock.

Up – Uranus – has 27 moons.

Naming – Neptune – furthest planet from the sun.

Planets – Pluto – is not a real planet.