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Name: Isa

My favourite Science activity this year: My favourite Science activity this year is learning about the Neanderthals and Humans. I enjoyed the comparisons and similarities. I didn’t know much about this sub-species of archaic humans but I understand what they were.

Why where you chosen to be ‘Super Scientist’?: I was chosen as super scientist as I was paying attention in class and always listening.

What I enjoy about Science: I enjoy how there are endless possibilities of answers and questions.

I would love to learn more about this in Science in the future: I would love to learn about astrobiology. This is the study of life inside the universe. It’s very interesting as we could come up with theories for life.

Fascinating fact: Did you know that the moon always will go 1 inch from Earth each year as it is kept in orbit by the gravitational force that the Earth exerts on it. But the moon also exerts a gravitational force on our planet and this causes the movement of the Earth’s oceans to form a tidal bulge making this mainly how Earth’s tides are created.