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  • Park Hall Road,
  • Walsall,
  • WS5 3HF.
  • Telephone number: 01922 720761

Shaheda Shafique

What is your job title?

Solution Assurance Specialist.


What does your job involve? What do you do on an average day?   

I work with customers worldwide to design/assess their IT infrastructure network.  I need to ensure it meets customers’ needs and the design is within our capabilities.  This usually means I spend most of my time on conference calls with colleagues and customers discussing what their technology needs are and then assessing the pricing, delivery and service model.


What do you enjoy about your job?

I enjoy the fact I can design networks and I am always learning as technology change is so fast-paced.


Did you have to study any of the STEM subjects before doing your job? 

I studied Business Information Technology with German at university.


Would you recommend your job to others? Why?  

I would absolutely recommend my job to others.  It allows you to be creative and it is most definitely not boring.  If you like challenges then this the area to work in.  I have designed and assessed feasibility studies for underground connections in the Atlantic sea where the cables were being attacked by sharks!  Thankfully, I didn’t have to travel there but the design we provided ensured the cables were secure and the sharks were not harmed.


What encouraged you to go into this career?  

I was just curious about how the technology around the world was connected together which led me to my career.