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First and foremost, I would like to say that I am so amazed and happy that I won Pearson's My Twist on a Tale competition.  My advice to anyone who would like to win a competition is that you should believe in yourself and fully devote yourself to winning.  Personally, I didn't think I would win out of everyone else who entered (over 1200 entries) but hard work paid off.  I wanted to write my story because I have always cared about our planet and I love animals so I combined my two passions together to make 'The Cavemen'.  My story makes people think about what we could do to help our planet for future generations and the consequences that come with abandoning our responsibility.

Come on! Let's get reading!

We hope that you enjoy reading the reviews below,

written by children, for children! 

It is Harry's third year at Hogwarts and things had started to change.  There were dementors patrolling the grounds of Hogwarts.  Sirius Black who had been accused of mass murdering had broken out from Azkaban.  As a new defence against the dark arts teacher, Professor Remus Lupin had taught and helped Harry with the patronus charm.  In this scenario Dumbledore wanted them to change something from the past.  So Harry and Hermione travelled in time and saved two lives.  I hope you enjoy this book as much I as I did!

Reviewed by Umaiza

In this book, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third (more commonly known as Hiccup) and the Hairy Hooligans meet a person called Alvin the Poor and Honest Farmer, who isn't as innocent as they thought. Honest Farmer has an idea to find the hidden treasure that was owned by Grimbeard the Ghastly - a pirate. It is located in a place that is so dangerous, that they would get eaten up alive the moment they set foot on the island. They end up going to the island and finding the treasure but soon after finding it, they discover it is booby-trapped with a horrible smell. The smell attracts creatures called The Skullions. Hiccup, Alvin, and the whole of the Hairy Hooligan Tribe have to flee from the Island and sail back in a boat. The Hairy Hooligans soon see another boat which is full of outcasts (a tribe of Vikings that have been banished from various tribes) and discover that Alvin is one of them. The Hooligans battle them and move on to the outcast's boat as their boat sinks. Hiccup, Alvin, Fishlegs, and Toothless are still on the boat as it sinks. Find out what happens next by reading the book. I enjoyed this book very much. I couldn't stop reading it because it was so interesting and funny. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes the How To Train Your Dragon books.

Reviewed by Kiran

The story is about a boy and his mom going shopping and there were cheeky supermarket gremlins hiding everywhere.  If you found bananas on a shelf that says shampoo it is plain to see that the gremlins have been playing tricks!  The cheese shelf is a place where gremlins often like to meet.  People think the stink is cheese, but have a sniff... If you come across a sign that says TAKE CARE a gremlin must have been caught short and had an accident.

I recommend this funny book to you because you will not stop laughing.  My favourite bit was the reading about the gremlin nestling in the kiwis and mom doesn't even notice.  I love this book so much, I have read it 10 TIMES!  I love the book because of the gremlins being mischievous but I don't like how the boy runs from his mom because you shouldn't do that.

Reviewed by Lilyann

This book is a book that will help you to gain confidence, speak out loud and other things that will help you as you get older.  My favourite part of the book was where it talks about building your confidence levels up because it helped me to worry less and feel more confident with the things that I do.  I would recommend this book for people who feel shy and not confident because it will help you to overcome your fears or shyness.  The key messages when you read this book are:

  • Build you confidence
  • Find your team
  • Dream BIG
  • Use your voice
  • Practise like a champion
  • Navigate adversity
  • Be comfortable with who you are
  • Never stop learning

"You're already a champion - you just might not know it yet!"

Reviewed by Aarav


I recommend Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator as it has a lot of imaginative things in there and it's very funny!  It is about Charlie, Willy Wonka, Grandpa Joe and the rest of the family.  They land themselves in the middle of the biggest space operation of all time!  This book was illustrated by Quentin Blake who has illustrated lots of other Roald Dahl books like The Twits, Matilda and the BFG.  In this book there is a recipe for Wonka-Vite (which is very complicated) and very stretchy Verrucious Knids.  Shuckworth, Shanks and Showler, who followed the president's order to make sure there was nothing that would danger the space hotel were unfortunately attacked by the Verrucious Knids.  They were watched on television aswell as Mr Willy Wonka, Charlie, Grandpa Joe and the rest of the family up in space.  This book is very interesting, funny and imaginative so I would recommend it to you too!

Reviewed by Tanveer

This book is about a dog that has a man's body after being in an accident.  Dog Man is a hero who is trying to stop Grandpa Pete because he was trying to take over the world.  Dog Man worked with his friends called Sarah, Chief, Little Pete and Pete to stop the bad guy from destroying buildings and stealing items.  It ended with Grandpa Pete being punished.  The good things about this book are: comic book format made it easy to read, it only took me 2 days to read it and it was a good superhero vs villain story! 

Reviewed by Reece 

I would rate this book 9 out of 10.  The book was written by Michael Rosen who is well known for writing poems.  He has written a number of quick poems in the book and has given some notes on how and why he has written them.  Some of them are funny and I can see how I could write a poem like him.  Michael Rosen says to write a poem, start from things you have seen, heard, remembered, imagined or read.  I will use this to help me write poems in the future.  I like the way Michael is so creative and I wish there were more poems to read in this book.

Reviewed by Reece

I have really enjoyed reading this book - I was engrossed right from the start and I think you will enjoy reading it too.  The story is about a girl called Nandi and her past.  It tells you about her Auntie Ellie and how she was a great Greek hero!  This book is full of mystery and fantasy!  It is interesting to read about other families.  I will totally recommend this book to people of all ages.  Another great Michael Morpurgo book.

Reviewed by Geena

This is a story about a little boy who has to go and live with his Grandma in Norway. Grandmas begins to tell him stories about witches and how to tell if someone is a witch or not. In the summer, the boy and his Grandma go on holiday to England and they come across some real witches! They have to come up with a plan to get rid of them all. I think this book is a wonderful story by Roald Dahl and when you pick it up and start reading it, you will not want to put it back down. The story is very descriptive, scary and funny all at the same time. If you are a fan of witches this is the book for you.

Reviewed by Amrita

When washed up on an island, Michael struggles to survive. He has no way of surviving with no food, no water, no company. One morning, he wakes up to find a bowl of fresh fish and a bowl of water, Michael realises something: someone else is on this island with him! I really like this book and I give it five stars! I definitely recommend this author and this book as it was so intriguing and it was an amazing read!

Reviewed by Maryam

After living with his relatives for years of misery, Harry Potter's life tremendously changes when a beetle-eyed giant named Rubeus Hagrid bursts inside the abandoned house.  When he gave Harry his invitation to Hogwarts, a school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Harry was extremely excited. His life was about to change! This book is all about magic, adventures and the Philosopher's Stone. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and I can't wait to read the other books in the series!

Reviewed by Umaiza.


This book is about a young girl Edie, who has a disability called Cerebral Palsy.  It affects the brain, the muscles and posture.  Edie has a best friend called Oscar and they both start at the same secondary school but are sad that they have been separated into different tutor groups.  Before Edie knows it, Oscar has made some new friends.  Edie tries to make Oscar jealous but her plan fails.  It isn’t long before Edie makes a new friend too, called Flora, and she joins the school drama club.  When it is her birthday, Oscar does not come to Edie’s party and they have a big row.  It helps her to realise that other friends, like Flora, are just as important.  I really enjoyed reading this book and I think you would like reading it too, especially if you are in Year 5 and Year 6.

Reviewed by Maiya

A Whole New World

This is a twisted tale from many others in the school library. It is by far the best type of fantasy book.  It is different to the original story because Aladdin never found the lamp.  I never knew one little change can affect the story.  Lots of things are different and you'll see that for yourself when you read the book.  If you are interested then read the book which you can find in our school library.  Maybe you might want to look at the other Disney twisted tales when you are finished reading this one.

Reviewed by Jayni

This is an interesting book with so many informative PAGES about volcanoes and earthquakes. It shows you how earthquakes happen. It also had some shocking news in the book.

DID You know? Some volcanoes have a bigger power ability than other volcanoes.

The best bit of the book was when I saw the ring of fire and when I read about it and even when I saw where the volcanoes where located. They occur in Antartica, Ireland, South America and many more places. They happen because the inner core has too much magma that explodes to create a volcano eruption.

If you like to find out factual information then I think you would like to read this book.

Reviewed by Inaaya.

The reason why I like the book Matilda is because of I feel it keeps the readers in suspense with its exciting vocabulary. The reason why I give this book a 5 stars is because there is a lot of rhetorical questions and short sentences .I like the fact that Matilda gets a second chance to have a bright future away from her mean and greedy family. Mr and Mrs Wormwood do not appreciate Matilda’s talents and knowledge of the  world and I love that the story has such a happy ending.

Reviewed by Lilyann

When the Heffleys decide to go to Isla de Corales ,Greg is not interested. They had to pack their bags also there was a lot of people that were going to the paradise to see their relatives. On the plane he thought the place where they were standing (first class) was the place that they would sit. The seats in the other section were not HALF as nice as first class. The bathroom was like a little apartment and he had it all to himself. When they arrived they called a coach AND the seats were seats that were even better than first class. The apartment they stayed at was epic and they went for a swim but there was a lizard thingy on the pool next to me.  He accidentally crossed over to the wild side which is for couples only. What will happen next to Greg? Read the book to find out more.

Reviewed by Eesa

In this book there are four chapters, all full of crazy adventures.  Horrid Henry loves scary movies but his brother, Peter, doesn't.  Henry wants to make a scary movie with Peter and Moody Margaret was also creating a movie. They decided to see who could create the scariest movie.  I wondered who was the most scared child while I was reading the book.  In the next chapter, Henry has to spend the weekend with his cousin Steve.  Steve and his friend were mean to Henry and got him to do silly things, which meant that Henry had to miss the party he was looking forward to going to.  In the third chapter called Horrid Henry's Grump Card, Henry thinks he is a really good child and that he should have a Grump card.  A grump card is a card used to stop a punishment from his parents.  Henry needed to earn a grump card so he asked Peter for his seven grump cards!  Peter was tricked into giving Henry his grump cards.  Find out how by reading this book. In the final chapter called Horrid Henry's Olympics, the teacher told the children they had to take part in the Olympics at school.  Horrid Henry wanted to make his own Olympics. He made games like who could eat their food the fastest, and who could watch the most TV. Overall, I really enjoyed this book because Henry has some funny ideas, and he always tricks his brother.  I think you should try reading this book and I give this a score of 9.9/10.

Reviewed by Zayn

This book is about a boy called Tom Gates.  When he used to be at the back of the class he doodled, read comics and thought about a lot of things.  He lives four minutes away from school but he's still late because he and his best mate Derek talk a lot or they get distracted by eating fruit chews or caramel wafers. In school, Tom's teacher, Mr Fullerman, is always watching him!  Derek's teacher has a moustache!  Tom loves to annoy his sister Delia like one time he reads his comic in the bathroom when he knows Delia is waiting outside.  Ha ha ha!  This is one of my favourite books from the Tom Gates Collection.  I really enjoyed reading it and it was funny too!  I highly recommend that you read it. I love this book!

Reviewed by Eesa

Today I will be reviewing a book called Gangsta Granny by David Walliams. In this story, a little boy had a Granny that he found boring. Whenever his mom and dad went to go somewhere, they sent him to his granny. His Granny would make him cabbage soup and everything related to cabbage. One day he went shopping and caught a robber. Guess who it was? his own Granny. After that, he thought his Granny was cool. She was only pretending to be a thief because she knew her grandson thought she was boring. The book is really funny and everyone should read it.

Reviewed by Zachary

This book is all about people that inspired the world.  I enjoyed learning about Albert Einstein who was told by one of his teachers that he would never get anywhere in life.  Then, he became a famous scientist.  Another famous person was Anne Frank.  She wrote a diary when she had to hide from the Germans in terrible conditions.  Sadly, she was caught by the Germans.  Her father found her diary and published it.  Lots of children and adults now read all about her life.  David Bowie was a musician.  He was different because of his long hair.  He inspired his fans to express themselves and be proud of who they are.  I rate this book ten out of ten.

Reviewed by Aman

Drama Queen by Rachel Renee Russell

In a few weeks time WCD will be having their student exchange week programme, where all students will be sent to another school to 'get a taste of it' and apply for secondary school.  Nikki is enjoying her last year at WCD but it could all go wrong when her diary goes missing!  Nikki, Chloe and Zoey search the whole school for it.  Mean Bully Mackenzie has stolen it ans is writing about her life!  She is also writing mean advice on Nikki's Miss Know-it-All column.  Can Nikki and her friends find the diary and stop Mackenzie's big surprise before it is too late?  This is a fun book to read and Dork Diaries has many sequels.  This book is in the Upper Library (look out for it next time you visit).

Reviewed by Ola

Billionaire Boy by David Walliams

I loved reading this book because it was hilarious.  The book is all about a twelve year old boy, who is very rich BUT very sad.  He has a special friendship with Bob (a poor boy who loves chocolate).  You will be happy to know that this book has a happy ending.  You can find this book in our school libraries.

Reviewed by Veer


This book is so good especially if you are vegan.  You will enjoy following the recipes.  I made more than four of the recipes.  I liked making the smoothies -  Muna Bear smoothie, Go Go Energy smoothie and Tropical smoothie.  The Peri Peri wedges were fun to make.  I also liked to make the cherry brownies and the strawberry cheesecake.

Reviewed by Ishaal

Mae the Panda Fairy by Daisy Meadows

Like always, another great book written by Daisy Meadows! Mae has a locket of a panda and the locket makes sure that all the pandas are safe with their mom and dad. You will meet Pan Pan, the panda, in the book and when Pan Pan goes missing Kirsty and Rachel know exactly what to do. Will they find him in time? Find out what happens by reading this book. I have read 2 series from the fairy books and I love them all.

Reading makes you more intelligent and books inspire you.  I hope you are inspired to read this book, like I was.

Written by Sohaavi

Best Friends by Jacqueline Wilson

Gemma has a best friend called Alice. They were best friends from when they were babies, even though they have their differences.  Gemma has a party and they are both very sad that Alice is moving away to Scotland.  Alice moves to her new school and she makes a new friend called Flora.  Gemma finds out and she is worried that Flora is going to take her place so she tries to keep in contact with Alice.  They write emails to each other on their laptops - Alice borrows Flora's laptop.  Alice has a party at her house and Gemma is excited to come over but someone else she doesn't know is there.  Gemma does something very bad and now the girls don't even think they will ever meet again.  Read more to find out the ending . . .  You will find this book in our school library!

Reviewed by Avarni

FING by David Walliams 

This book is all about a girl called Myrtle who loves chocolate, sweets and crisps. But Myrtle is not a usual girl. This Girl has everything... well except for one thing... She doesn't have a Fing. Her parents were in awe when they heard she wanted a Fing so they headed to the restricted areas of the library to find a book about it. This book was called the Monsterpedia and was a book that moved about like a human. A few days later, Myrtle demanded that Father went to the deepest darkest 'jungliest' jungle to find a Fing. READ THE BOOK TO FIND OUT MORE!! Why I liked it I liked this book because it was very funny and had amazing illustrations (As do all of the books illustrated By Tony Ross). The book contains onomatopoeia - more than you can imagine so it is like you are actually there. I recommend this book to you if you want a giggle. 

Reviewed by Gursevak



by Jacqueline Wilson

I think that The Four Children And IT is the best book ever. If you love magic, wishes and fun then this is the book for you. It stars 4 human children, Rosalind, Robert (Robbie), Samantha (Smash), and Maudie (the favourite in the family) who go on adventures that only last till sunset. If you are wondering who IT is? I will tell you a secret about him but that is it then

you must read the book yourself. 

IT is a creature that the four children see each day.  Dad plans to take the family on a picnic where the children find a sandpit in which IT is inside.   

Read the book to become engrossed into each page, just like I did!  You could also watch the enticing movie too.

Reviewed by Asha

The Boy at the Back of the Class

by Onjali Q Rauf


The boy at the back of the class is a really good book.  It is about a refugee who joins a school and nobody really knows who he is.  He makes some friends and tells them that he can’t find his parents and that the government are

going to close the border in a few days so his friends decide to help him.  They went to Buckingham Palace and tried to pass on a letter to the Queen about not closing the border. I love this book so much and I definitely recommend it.  I give it 5 stars.

 Reviewed by Mya

The Otter Who Wanted to Know

By Jill Tomlinson


I really enjoyed reading this book, it was hilarious!  The otter, Pat, is very curious and always finds out interesting facts.  My favourite chapter was Questions, Questions, Questions!  I have awarded this book 9/10 and would recommend this book for 7-9 year olds.

Reviewed by Haadiya


Head Kid by David Baddiel

This book is about the naughtiest boy kid in school. His name is Ryan Ward. When the old headteacher leaves Mr Carter begins working there and he is very strict! Then... Ryan and Mr Carter swap bodies. To find out what happens, why not read the book!

Reviewed by Jayni

Frankie's Magic Football:

Frankie Vs The Pirate Pillagers by Frank Lampard

This book has be written by the author who used to be a famous football manager and a famous football player - Frank Lampard! Read the book and discover a new world with the character Frankie and all of his friends defeating the pirate pillagers. I really like this book and I recommend it to you to read too. There are ten adventures to read and this is book one! You
can find them in the school library in the 'L' section.

Reviewed by Shaylan

Friend or Foe by Michael Morpurgo

The book is about two little boys and their adventure during World War II.  David and Tucky travel to Devon, somewhere they have never been before, and end up becoming the local heroes.

It all starts when all the children have to be separated from their parents due to the war.  When they end up in Devon, there are no more rooms left for David and Tucky so their head teacher calls a man to take one of them.  The man who was called Mr. Reynolds felt sorry for them so he takes them both back to his farm where he works and lives with his wife Ann.

One day, David and Tucky to on a walk in the moor and find two, pale looking German pilots.  They asked for food and they gave them some since they saved David's life when he was drowning in the lake.  Strangely, one pilot asked to be taken in to the military even though he was Britain's enemy bombing the country.  Since he was wounded, they took him to Mr. Reynolds and he helped him before he turned him in to the police.  Because they were helpful and brave towards the enemies, they became the local heroes.

I loved this book since it's a big adventure and you never know what happens next.

Reviewed by Ava 

The Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton

In this wonderful book, Joe, Beth and Frannie move to a new cottage in the country since their father got a job there. Little did they know, right next to their cosy little cottage was an Enchanted Wood! In this mysterious  wood, lives the Faraway Tree... It is a magical tree that is EXTREMELY tall and at the very top there is a mystical land that changes almost every day! The children make lots of new friends in their adventures  and  have a brilliant time! They also go to fancy-dress feast in the Land of Birthdays.  I fell in love with this book as soon as I started to read it and I am pretty sure you would adore it too! Enter a world of magical friends and things with Joe, Beth and Frannie! Happy Reading!

Reviewed by Vienna

Dog Man by Dav Pilkey

This is the story of an evil cat called Petey who traps all of the dogs and Dog Man!  How will Dog Man get away and save the day?

I liked the bit when the big hot dog explodes and makes Petey fly away!  He lands inside his jail!

Reviewed by Ayaan

Kid Normal and the Rogue Heroes

by Greg James and Chris Smith

The second book in this hilarious collection!  In this laughter-packed book:

  • The world’s most feared super villain seems to be up to something;
  • The Blue phantom (amazing hero) loses her power;
  • Just a normal everyday teacher turns…. EVIL!

Can Kid Normal and the Super Zeroes stop this horrible villain?  Far away, in a top-secret prison, the world’s most feared super villain has just broken a thirty-year silence!  His first words?


To find out more about this great book, go to the school library where you can find other amazing titles!

Reviewed by Kamran

Diary of the Wimpy Kid - The Last Straw

Good book!

I liked the book because it has a wild sense of humor and you can relate yourself to Greg. It was about when Greg Heffly's dad wants Greg to go to a Military Camp to 'man up' but Greg has an another idea to get sent to boy scouts. But another one opens up Greg has to convince his dad to go to boy scouts and try to hide the other boy scout club from his dad. The only thing I did not like about this book was it finishing. I wanted it to go on and on! I hope another book will be published soon. I will recommend this book to everyone!

Reviewed by Deen

Excellent Excuses by Liz Pichon

Tom escapes from doing his homework but no one is impressed. Everyone is in a rush to sort out his dad's birthday while Tom is thinking about his band Dog Zombies performing a gig organised from his granddad. Mostly, he wants to annoy his sister Delia and wants to prove that Marcus is annoying and being unusually sneaky... read the book to find out more!

Reviewed by Havih

Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney

This book is a very good starter edition to the series and is telling everything and one Greg has in his life. It is also very funny and I would recommend to people who love a good comedy book. And it also tells us what Greg gets up to in school and at home.(He loves computer games.) He also spends a lot of time with Rowley his best friend but they get bullied quite a lot Also if you are a big fan of drawing and illustrations you should read this book and snatch there ideas. But Rowley's and Greg friendship don't go as planned .

READ THE BOOK TO FIND OUT MORE..................

Reviewed by Gursevak

Dog Man: Fetch 22

by Dav Pilkey

The 8th dog man book by this hilarious author!  DAV PILKEY (creator of Captain Underpants) is the creator of this hero with a head of a dog and a body of a man.  In this book a new villain strikes at Dog Man - THE FAIR FAIRY.  Do not be fooled by her name!  Trying to defeat 22 powerful tadpoles, one of them turns 'good' and fights by their side.  Dog Man and his friends battle a living tree.  Also, Petey's unexpected visitor (grampa) doesn't make things go well.  Read the book to find out what he does!

Written by Kamran

First Prize For The Worst Witch by Jill Murphy

I would recommend this book because it is fantasy and magical which I love.  This story is all about a girl whose name is Mildred.  She is a normal human being like you and me because she can be clumsy and funny BUT she can do something we can't!  She turns into a witch!  Why not read the book for yourself to find out about Mildred.

Review by Jayni

Dog Man: Mothering Heights by Dav Pilkey

This is the tenth hilarious Dog Man book by D. Pilkey.  In this book:

  • Dog Man's rival (Petey) turns good
  • Harmless sippy cups turn into monsters
  • And... like always... Dog Man and his friends save the day!

Would you like to read this amazing book about a funny hero?  This beautiful lovely story is not the only one in the collection - there's more!  The character - the head of a dog, the body of a man and a heart of a hero will have you reading the book from beginning to end!  I give this book 5 stars.

Reviewed by Kamran


The Ugly Truth by Jeff Kinney

There was once a boy called Greg and in the summer he had a fight with his friend so he had no friends.  Greg is getting older and it feels like getting older is going to be bad!  He has to go to parties, do more jobs and face the UGLY TRUTH that he is getting older - all with his brothers watching.  He has a problem because his uncle is getting married for the 4th time - on the same day as his first day of school.  His mom was going to be at the wedding which meant Greg had to be with his dad who always made him work 10 times harder!

One part of the story I enjoyed reading was when Greg's brother pretended to heat his food and it was ice cold!  BUT, Greg got his revenge when Mom came back because of the trouble Rodrick was in!  I really enjoyed reading this book.

By Adam

Lost by Eve Ainsworth

In this amazing and sorrowful book, Alfie feels lost in his own world - that is until he meets Alice Jenkins, a girl who has problems of her own too. A force of nature, Alice knows how it feels to be knocked down by life... Their friendship isn't obvious or easy, but it is real! Alice and Archie soon learn to be resilient and become friends. They suddenly realise life is better when you look at the bright side and have determination to get back up again! This is a wonderful book and I would definitely recommend it to you, if you are in Year 5 or Year 6! Happy reading!

Book Review by Vienna

Secret Kingdom, Glitter Beach

(book 6, series 1)

by Rosie Banks

Experience a magical world of creativity and fun in the Secret Kingdom books! Ellie, Summer and Jasmine find a magic box in the school jumble sale which takes them on magical adventures! Evil Queen Malice wants to destroy every bit of the Secret Kingdom and the girls want to prevent that from happening. In this book, it is Midsummer's Eve, the most magical time of the year! The fairies are very excited for this annual occasion but Queen Malice is nearby... Can the girls save the celebration and the Secret Kingdom once again before it is too late? I absolutely loved this book series after I read the first one! I would recommend this to children from the age of 6 and older. If you love magical and fun books, then this will be the perfect book series for you! Happy reading!

Reviewed by Vienna

The Magician's Nephew by C. S. Lewis

This is the best book I have read this year! It is very interesting and magical. It explains how Aslan, the lion, cultivated the mysterious land of Narnia. It has many fascinating characters. It begins with 2 children, Digory and Polly who are accidentally thrust into different worlds wearing magical rings with help from Digory's Uncle Andrew. Along the way they meet many peculiar and mysterious people like Queen Jadis from the Land of Charn and a talking Lion called Aslan from the World called Nothing! They make friends and enemies though their travels. Because I read The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, (2nd book in the series) before this, it answers a lot of questions about some of the mysteries in that book. There is so much you can learn about The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe by reading this book; Who is the Professor? How was Narnia created? Where did the evil Queen come from and how did she end up in Narnia? Do you know what was the most amazing thing I learnt from reading this book? How the wardrobe became a portal between our world and Narnia! I hope you enjoyed my review and hope you like the book as much as me.

Written by Arjun

Owls of Blossom Wood To the Rescue

by Catherine Coe

Eva, Katie and Alex are excited for the annual bird concert but when they realise that the Wrens have lost their voices they don't know if they can take their place. Can the Owls of Blossom Wood save the day?

               Reviewed by Liberty