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Home Reading

We use the Collins Big Cat Reading Scheme as our main home reading scheme.  In Year 5 and 6, some children will move onto our Free Reader Scheme, more information about this can be found below. 

Each child in school is assessed by their class teacher and put onto an appropriate stage. This scheme is designed to help children build fluency when reading so each child will be put into a stage where they can read most of the words in the book. 

When class teachers listen to children read, they are listening for their use of expression and how well they recognise and decode words. This includes how they phrase their reading aloud such as whether they read primarily in small chunks (2-3 words at a time) or following the punctuation in the text. 

In order to move through stages, it is important that all children practise reading aloud for at least 10 minutes each day. It will also really help to hear as many texts as possible read aloud by fluent readers whether this is through an adult reading aloud at home or listening to audiobooks. 


Reading Record

Each child in school has been issued with a reading record. This reading record is used to record their reading at home and to show that they have completed their reading book. In Y5 and 6, children may start to record their own reading in this record but we ask that an adult continues to check this and still listens to their reading aloud. 

In the centre of the reading record, there is a spelling list and some tips for reading which you may find helpful. 

When a reading book has been finished, the completed reading record should be given to class teachers so new books can be issued. 



Children in Y4-6 have been issued with a log in for Collins eBooks. The use of eBooks allows us to access all new texts quickly and also set all children in a year group the same appropriate non-fiction books linked to their learning in other subjects. The link to the website can be found below. Books will be left in children's accounts after they have read them for a period of time to allow for re-reading and so they build up a personal digital library.

If you have any problems accessing Collins eBooks, please speak to your class teacher so you can be given physical books instead.