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Parking and Road Safety

We regret that there are no parking arrangements for parents within the school grounds. Parents bringing their children to school by car should not park on the double yellow lines outside the school as this compromises the safety of children walking into school and causes traffic congestion. A map showing parking restrictions is below.


The police and enforcement officers regularly patrol the areas and complaints of dangerous parking are passed on to local police colleagues and are dealt with formally. Parking should also show consideration to home owners living close to school and to pedestrians using paths. Pedestrian paths should not be blocked by poorly parked vehicles. There is restricted parking on Park Hall Road, Barry Road, Bodmin Rise and Lonsdale Road.


All children entering school should use the designated paths only. There are zebra crossings directly outside school and leading from the path to the school playground, please use these and refrain from walking along the main car park.


There are two school barriers that are constantly in use. Please do not restrict access with vehicles and we ask that you ensure that children do not walk under the barriers for their own safety.


We are a committed member of the A*STARS programme, a series of walking, cycling, scooting and road safety initiatives, along with training, expertise and support that is given to schools to help them to develop and promote safer, healthier lifestyle choices for all.


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