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Vision, Values and Ethos

Our Vision and Values

Our vision and values are at the core of everything we do.

Our values underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils to be confident, happy citizens of the future.

A partnership for the future – our beliefs

At Park Hall, we truly believe that ours is a partnership for the future. The partnership comes from the sense of understanding, trust and belonging that develops across the whole school community including the children, parents/carers, governors and staff.


We consider respect and tolerance to be hugely important and therefore these are high priorities. Through the strong relationships that we build with our children, adults work with children to challenge stereotypes and tackle discrimination.


Wea are proud that our school population hails from continents and sub-continents around the world. We are truly a 'United Nations'. We are 'proud to be us', proud of where our children and staff have come from and ambitious for our future as we appreciate the differences and similarities in our school community and beyond. We acknowledge and are proud of our heritage and explore this through our consideration of British Values as being values that are worthy of upholding for life.


So that children gain a greater understanding of democracy, our House Captains are voted into position each year following an election in which every child has a vote. Likewise, the School Council representative, for each class is democratically elected. Every child understands that there is a fair system in school that allows their voice to be heard and not just through their school councillor.


Our school's behaviour system has clear and consistent expectations, and it is because of this that children understand the rule of law and distinguish between right and wrong - although we also operate a 'no angels' understanding as everyone has the right to make mistakes and learn from them.  


We encourage self awareness and personal safety through E Safety, Bikeability and A*Stars' initiatives. This supports children to recognise the need for rules to keep themselves and others safe. Children take responsibility for their actions and are very much a part of the 'fair play' approach that guides break times. In addition, Playground Leaders develop skills to promote a happy playtime for all.


At Park Hall talents are nurtured so that children grow in self esteem, self knowledge and self confidence - our productions and annual talent show are clear evidence of this. Anti-bullying has a high profile in school through our behaviour system; therefore, children understand their rights and responsibilities and value our zero tolerance approach. In addition, our children have a positive impact on other communities, local and globally, as they pro-actively seek to raise funds for charities.


Our children are the future.  Our children, increasingly, face an uncertain and rapidly changing future. It is our responsibility, in partnership with our families, to ensure that they are well equipped for that future.


A ‘whole’ school - our values

We see our school community as being a ‘whole’ school community in which all of the individuals connected with the school, child or adult, have a role to play in preparing each individual child for its own benefit and for the benefit of our society.

We hope that everyone connected with the school will share our values in which we encourage individuals to:

  • support each other;
  • involve each other in true partnership;
  • care for each other and act responsibly;
  • feel part of and contribute to the ‘whole’ school community;
  • have and realise their own individual rights, responsibilities and potential;
  • have high expectations;
  • strive to improve and encourage others to improve.   


As a school, we have high expectations, especially of the children and staff,

and we all aim to exceed this challenge.

Our real challenge is to take the achievement of each individual child

at least one step further than anyone thought possible.


At Park Hall Junior Academy everyone should embrace the vision that we all:

Learn to Live and Live to Learn

Our mission is that we all

Step Forward Together!