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On-line Safety



Academic Year 2021 / 2022

Safer Internet Day will be on Tuesday 8th February 2022


But don't wait for the day - be safe on the internet every day!


Academic Year 2020 / 2021

Safer Internet Day will be on the 9th February 2021

Please log on to the link below for more information.

Tips of the week:


Alert of the weekOnline Bullying using

“Get anonymous and honest feedback about yourself.” This online website takes 20 seconds to sign up to and gives people who click on your URL the chance to make personal comments and feedback that could stay with you for a lifetime. It works by you signing up and you sharing a unique URL on your social media (Twitter, Facebook, Skype etc.). This then allows anyone to make personal comments about you. You can then share and publish the comments to encourage more reaction and feedback or keep them private. It goes without saying that this website provides plenty of opportunity for misuse and has the potential to encourage negative behaviour and contact beyond online bullying.

'Tip of the Week'
It is difficult to know what news is real and fake online. If you see a news story online and it upsets you or you are not sure if it is true or not, always speak to a trusted adult about it.

'Tip of the Week'
It is common to get our daily news from our online feeds. There is so much fake news online it can be difficult to know what to believe. Now that anyone can post anything it is getting harder to tell. We all need to be able to decode what we read online.
  • Use reliable and trusted online sources and check other online sites to verify details
  • Read information two or three times and look for inconsistencies
  • Check out the ‘About Us’ section of the webpage. If it difficult to find information about the page and its authors you might begin to think if they are sharing genuine news


'Thought of the Week'
It can be annoying when you get stuck in an online game either on your own or in a team. Game tips and walkthroughs can help by giving you quick and easy answers but there is no greater feeling than solving the problem yourself. Some people think that finding out easy ways to play games is cheating and can lead to more serious behaviour online. What do you think?

'Parent Tip of the Week'
Most internet users would not dream of committing a crime in the real world but this can be confusing when it comes to our behaviour online.
Early signs of criminal behaviour online can be something as innocent as the use of gaming cheats but can lead to something more serious for the skilled and talented. These users are motivated by problem solving, curiosity and the need to prove themselves to their peers. With the average age for a suspect placed at 17, cybercriminals are getting younger and younger.
Online games can be a recruiting ground for young, talented but naïve users of technology who see their actions as victimless. It is flattering for young gamers to become valued for their knowledge and gaming skills but this can also make them targets. Keep an eye on what games your children are playing, who they are being played with and the kind of things they are doing online, focus on the relationships they are building online.


If you have seen something that has upset or worried you online, ALWAYS tell a trusted adult who can help you report it and talk to you about it.