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Always here...always learning?


Attendance at school is very important - even the smallest amount of absence may have a huge impact on your child's learning!


Any child with less than 95% attendance is at risk of significant loss of learning, resulting in gaps in their knowledge, less opportunity to practice and consolidate skills and reduced opportunity to develop the building blocks for all learning needed to progress.


Absence affects not only the days lost but future learning resilience and potential.


Please do not condone unnecessary absence. Ensure that your child has time to rest and recharge their batteries with a sensible bed time; ensure that they are organised for the next school day by packing their school bag and ensuring that they have the necessary equipment.


Above all please do not take term time holiday. We are well aware of the cost of holidays during school breaks - but the cost of lost learning for your child is a far greater price to pay now and in the future.


With regret term time leave cannot be authorised. The Education Welfare Team regularly reviews our data and Fixed Penalty Notices will be issued for unnecessary non attendance.